Kate Gatfield-Jeffries of Moodi

How Kate Gatfield-Jeffries turned her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and a passion for elevating women to feel their best into a mental health supplement brand Moodi Blends.

Kate Gatfield-Jeffries of Moodi

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand Moodi?

Moodi is the culmination of my lifelong dream to become an entrepreneur and my passion for elevating women to feel their best. In many ways, this is my dream job!

We're a mental wellness supplement brand with blends that support stress, sleep, energy, focus, and, most recently, the gut-brain connection. I aim to re-invent supplements to be delicious and crave-worthy while having strong scientific efficacy. They are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine; think swapping out a coffee for an energy-boosting caffeine-free drink or adding our stress-busting protein powder to your morning smoothie.

How did your journey start?

My journey to founding Moodi began during Law School, when I became mentally burnt out juggling study, part-time work, and other commitments. It made me realise the importance of prioritising mental wellbeing every day. I was searching for something that could easily fit into my routine to support my mental wellness. I turned to supplements, but to be honest, I didn’t love taking a boring line-up of capsules. And to make matters worse, I often found they simply didn't work. I set out to create a line of products that not only deliver results but also elevate self-care to a daily ritual.

Can you share an interesting aspect of your work or a unique work ritual you have?

At Moodi, we celebrate milestones with açai bowls. They’re a little trickier to find in New Zealand, but Bowl & Arrow in Auckland do the best ones! They were the first wholesaler to support Moodi, and we’re still on their menu.

What are your plans and aspirations both personally and professionally?

I'm transitioning from being a player into the role of a coach as we build our team. It’s special to start sharing the Moodi journey with others who are equally passionate about what we’re building.

For Moodi, expansion, and innovation are on the horizon as we seek to share our New Zealand-made products with a global audience.

What can you tell us about the Spacefor activation?

Our Spacefor activation is a celebration of our online community, bringing the Moodi experience to life with free product tastings, in-store exclusive free gifts, and the chance to connect face-to-face.

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Quick Answers

My favourite brands are: I'm inspired by women-owned brands like Abel perfume, Subtl Beauty, and Grin, each pushing boundaries in their respective industries.

An object or item I can't live without: The Moodi hot chocolate—a nightly indulgence that doubles as stress and sleep support.

My favourite online destinations is: Does TikTok count!?

My favourite place to shop is: Erewhon in Los Angeles - it is worth the hype!!

Offline VS Online? Both offer unique experiences! Online for convenience and offline for connection and discovery.

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