Emma Winter of La Tribe

Two decades in the New Zealand fashion industry led Emma Winter to launch her own footwear brand - La Tribe.

Emma Winter of La Tribe

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand La Tribe?

I’m Emma Winter, and I launched La Tribe in 2015 after working in the New Zealand fashion industry for over 20 years. La Tribe is a reflection of my journey and passion in the fashion world, aiming to offer high-quality footwear for any occassion.

How did your journey start?

For the past 16 years, my husband and I have operated a footwear distribution company, introducing international brands to New Zealand. The experience led us to believe it was the right time to develop our own brand, La Tribe, blending our industry insights with a fresh, in-house perspective.

Can you share an interesting aspect of your work or part of the product-making process?

Footwear design is intricate, often boiling down to millimeters. A 3mm deviation can significantly affect the shoe size. We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our products, with many weaving techniques done by hand, showcasing the skill of our artisans.

What are your plans and aspirations both personally and professionally?

Our dream is to open a La Tribe flagship store, providing a dedicated space for our customers to experience our brand fully.

What can you tell us about the Spacefor activation?

The Spacefor activation is our way of presenting our full collection in a physical space, allowing us to connect directly with our customers and receive immediate feedback. The Britomart location attracts a diverse clientele, which aligns perfectly with the varied and versatile nature of the La Tribe woman.

I love how diverse the La Tribe woman is, and my goal is to design footwear that serves women for any occasion they may have. I already have so many ideas I want to implement after spending time talking with women in-store; it's exciting!

Quick Answers

Currently, my favourite brands are: The Row, Jessica McCormack, Simon James.

An object or item I can't live without: Coffee and alcohol! Ha.

My favourite online destinations is: Simon James.

My favourite place to shop is: I love markets - Finding luxury vintage pieces.

Offline VS Online? Both serve a purpose.

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