Rebe Burgess of Rebe

In this edition, we are thrilled to present the first Spacefor brand: Rebe, and it’s founder Rebe Burgess.

Rebe Burgess of Rebe

Can you share with us some insights about yourself and the origins of your brand, REBE?

I am the creative director of REBE, and my passion for creating beautiful clothes and accessories has been a lifelong dream. About seven years ago, I started the brand with a line of hats, and since then, we have expanded into footwear and now ready-to-wear. In addition to managing my brand, I had the incredible opportunity to work as a buyer for the local boutique MUSE, where I gained invaluable knowledge about fabrics, cuts, styling, and understanding what women want in their wardrobes. This experience greatly influences our approach at REBE.

Could you take us through the early stages of your journey?

I would say my journey started when I moved to Auckland more than 10 years ago. While studying at Auckland Uni, I immersed myself in various fashion-related activities, such as writing and interviewing for online fashion publications, managing social media, and working in retail. I tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible, knowing that I ultimately wanted to launch my own brand. After starting REBE with a line of hats (a special shoutout to our incredible hat producers in Wellington!), I began working for MUSE boutique, initially managing their social media and eventually progressing to become a buyer. Along the way, I ventured into footwear, and now, as I recently transitioned into working full-time on REBE, we are eagerly preparing for the launch of our first ready-to-wear collection later this year.

Is there a particular aspect of your work that you find intriguing or unique, such as a special part of the product-making process or a distinctive work ritual?

The production process itself is absolutely fascinating. It's a journey from conception to sampling, selecting fabrics, and finally witnessing the product come to life and be embraced by the world. We have the privilege of collaborating with remarkable suppliers from New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, and China, who are incredibly innovative and talented. They are true artists in their craft. Visiting our producers, like the exceptional milliners based in Wellington, is always a memorable experience. It's exciting to watch them create our products using their old-school iron machinery and equipment. The workshop is adorned with wooden hat blocks, transporting us back in time. It's a captivating environment that I absolutely love.

What are your future plans and aspirations both personally and for REBE as a brand?

Our future plans involve continuous development of our collections and expanding into new categories, as well as entering international markets. We are committed to pushing boundaries and reaching new heights, while staying true to our vision of creating timeless and captivating pieces.

Quick Answers

Currently, my favourite brands are: Christopher Esber, Harris Tapper, Jil Sander to name a few!

An object or item I can't live without: My blazer!

My favourite online destination is: Pinterest

My favourite place to shop is: Paris! Specifically Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées - that place is something else!

Offline VS Online? Nothing beats an amazing in store retail experience.

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