Joshua Heares of Porter James Sports

We chat to Joshua Heares, the founder and creative director of Porter James Sports (PJS) about his life and his brand.

Joshua Heares of Porter James Sports

Can you share with us some insights about yourself and the origins of your brand, PJS?

PJS celebrates simplicity and timeless design through a considered take on modern menswear. We're about 2.5 years old, based in New Zealand although about 50% of our customers are international (typically Australia + USA). My journey in fashion started with PJS, prior to which I was working in advertising & design agencies for about a decade. When I'm not working I'm probably drinking a black coffee, running with my dog Bambi or watching an episode of Seinfeld.

Could you take us through the early stages of your journey?

One day I decided to leave the corporate world and live a life on my terms. One that allows creative freedom and the opportunity to empower confidence through clothing. I coined this personal philosophy 'a life well-designed' and it's been our brand's essence and tagline since day one.

Is there a particular aspect of your work that you find intriguing or unique, such as a special part of the product-making process or a distinctive work ritual?

My design process typically starts with Pinterest archives, Instagram or sketching my ideas in Adobe Illustrator, but I'm fully self-taught and am making it up as I go along.

What are your future plans and aspirations both personally and for Porter James Sports as a brand?

I feel it's all starting to make sense. Our brand identity, product suite, the direction of the business. The clarity for me as a Creative Director & business owner has never been more clear so essentially it's just scaling what we're currently doing - release more product and invest heavier into brand awareness & marketing activity.

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